Additional Activities




Snowshoeing is the new wave activity which brings the non-skiers in a position to explore the mountain, enjoy the silent sunny days with friends and take photos in the limitless white magical carpet all around Bistra masif. 
Our outstanding guides bring the area alive for you with vibrant interpretation, snow play for all ages and simple inspiration of nature`s winter wonder. It`s good fun and very easy to learn. We will take you to some gentle mellow trails for your first steps, the ones who have the wish to progress or are experienced in snowshoeing just note our guides, they can take you on a longer and harder tours. 

Type of tours: 
-    Small tour 2h - 2.5h / price: 15 eur 
-    Medium tour 4h - 4.5h / price: 25 eur 
-    Big Tour        7h - 8h / price: 40 eur  

What`s included 

-    Educated and trained guide 
-    Introduction to snowshoeing 
-    Snowshoes + Poles 
-    Snacks and hot drinks (medium / big tour)

-    Client ratio 1:6 
-    Recommended to wear winter boots, ski pants, jacket, winter gloves and a hat 
-    All the above mentioned you can rent at Snowsports Academy 

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The activity that brings the biggest joy and happiness in the family especially to the kids is sledding. Behind Trifkova Koliba bar/restaurant, Ski Mavrovo is making a polygon for sledding just to give an opportunity for the youngest to enjoy their winter fun at a completely closed, fenced safe zone. 

Please be aware that sledding outside of the designated Sledding Zone is forbidden due to higher risks.