E-BIKE Rental

E-Bike Rental and Guided Tours

Mountain biking is rightly considered to be an ideal recreational sport for winter sports enthusiasts. It strengthens the leg and core muscles as well as improving coordination skills, and these are just few of the reasons why many winter sports enthusiasts use all types of cycling as training. It is not just a form of exercise, it is also good for the mind and the mental health.

When in Mavrovo, you are in the heart of the National Park, it doesn`t matter which route you will choose, every single one is incredibly scenic.

Mountain biking is about experiencing flow and taking strength from being in the midst of the impressive mountain scenery. The possibilities in Mavrovo are almost never-ending story, the routes are diverse and varied, you can find challenging ones for beginners and recreational bikers, as well as trails for experienced mountain bikers and fans of higher altitudes. Don`t forget to say hello to the shepherds, pet the dogs and take photos of the strolling sheep’s  around the magnificent scenery of Bistra massif.

Mavrovo lake from other hand gives the opportunities for cycling, cruising around the lake at your utmost pleasure, alone or with group of friends. The road which is circling around the lake hides amazing views of the lake and the surrounding mountains, especially on sunset.

The rates start at 35€ per day. Guided tours are avialable upon request.

If you need more info on trails or guided tours, you can reach us on reservation@resortmavrovo.com