No other activity combines a love of nature and the joy of exercise as harmoniously as hiking. It gives people peace and vitality, allowing them to switch off, to dream, to think, to wind down and just be.

Mavrovo knowing that is a National Park and has astonishing landscape, from the lake, the gorges, waterfalls, pine forests, the karst fields and huge variety of wildlife makes a perfect destination for you summer tranquility. Leisure hiking, family trails or advanced mountaineering trails are on the menu, pick your suitable and favourite one, and enjoy the varied landscape and breathtaking views of the vast, untouched beauty. Believe us, it`s glorious!

Couple of our favourites hiking trails are:

  • to Medenica peak (2163m.)
  • to Karbula peak (2148m.)
  • to Bistra peak (2102m.)
  • to Manastiriste peak (2060m.)
  • to Korab peak (2764m.)

We challenge you to hashtag us at #nasemavrovo with your finest photo of the adventure you had in Mavrovo, just to inspire and to challenge others to get closer to nature and healthier lifestyle.

Feel free to contact us for some tricks and tips at bistra@bistra.com